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Choosing your celebrant

So, you're getting hitched.

You and your lover have picked a date, written (and scribbled out) names of people you like enough to invite, chosen a venue and started a deep dark world of secret Pinterest Boards (or was I alone in that last one?!)


What's next?

Finding a person who can legally get you married - in Australia that is either going to be a Minister of Religion, or a Civil Celebrant.

Now, there are currently 9000 marriage celebrants in this beautiful country of ours...meaning you've got your work cut out choosing just one. When you started planning your wedding (and when I say 'wedding', I'm also talking intimate elopement and registry-style legals only ceremonies too) you would have come up with a budget of what you think you'll need to spend and during that process maybe you've spoken about which key elements of the day are important to you and no-way-in-hell are you skimping on - band over DJ, good food over maccas run on the way home, Veuve over Passion Pop - you get my drift. And hopefully the ceremony itself made its way onto your key elements (because, let's face it - without the ceremony, it's basically just an Expensive Fancy Party ;-)


If you have decided the ceremony is important to you, then you'll want to find a celebrant who can work with you to deliver a final product that ticks all your boxes. I mean, at the end of the day, if you just want to be married then there are 9000 people who can make that happen for you. But, if you want to be married by someone you feel comfortable with and doesn't make your guests cringe in their seats, you will slowly start to narrow that number down. Do you want your guests roaring with laughter? Or would you prefer everyone was reaching for the tissues? Are you thinking, who cares what the guests are doing, I just want to know that all the legal paperwork is looked after?


Whatever your personalities, whatever you want for your ceremony, the right celebrant is out there for you, it's just a matter of finding them.

Finding the right celebrant is kind of like finding your partner, when you know - you know. Do a Google search of the area you're getting married in, hit up your trusted wedding directories - Wedshed, Hello May, The Lane, Same Same, Easy Weddings, scroll through insta feeds and listen to your friends and family when they recommend someone.

Once you have a name, check out their website and their socials then get in touch however you feel comfortable - email, DM, phone call, text. Get a feel if this person is right for you then take your relationship to the next level - phone call, Facetime or - wait for it - in person catch up!! Whaaaat?! Did you say coffee or wine?!

That first catch up is all about seeing if you're a perfect match. Do you feel at ease around them? Are they listening to you and understanding your likes and dislikes? Have they explained the process of getting hitched in a way you understand?

As I said, I'm a big believer in 'when you know, you know'. If the celebrant you meet is ticking all your boxes and they're available on your date, don't waste any time - lock them down and get started on your journey of lurve!!

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