So much more than love.

As a child I remember wanting to be two things when I grew up...a lawyer and/or a marine biologist.


Never ever did I think I would grow up and become a celebrant.

I recently met a few celebrants for a lovely 'getting to know you' style lunch. The organiser told us, when she has a group of students starting the Cert IV in Celebrancy, she asks them to go around the class and tell the group why they are becoming a celebrant. Everyone starts saying things along the line of "I love love", "I love people", "I want to connect with people"...sure sure, we all love love, we all love people but WHY are YOU becoming a celebrant? Underneath the surface, we all have our reasons. It fits in with kids, we want to escape the corporate world, we want to supplement our incomes, we want a hobby as we near retirement, we've been asked by a friend to do their wedding. And so the list goes on.

So, here's my WHY.

As I neared the end of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to be. (Visions of law by the sea had left many moons ago). I tried my hand at so many things (uni, receptionist, factory work, massage therapist, golf buggy driver to name a few...) before having my 'a-ha' moment. I wanted to work in events. I was in my early 20s with stars in my eyes and finally had some direction.

Fast forward 10 years, I had worked my butt off and I finished my event career on a high. I had just had my first beautiful baby and realised I didn't want to be away from her. I wanted to be own boss and make my own rules. I wanted to be a part of something special and not simply making money for big companies anymore. I wanted to use my skills that I had developed through weddings and events. So I became a celebrant.

I want to be real with you. I love love. I love people and I fucking love hearing their stories - I've just opened one of my couples responses to their questionnaire and I've started crying. I am humbled all the time that people share their intimate thoughts on love, life and each other with me. It is not something I ever take for granted.

But for me, it's about so much more than even that.

Tell me below why you do whatever it is that you do - celebrant, student, builder, mother, teacher, doctor - I would love if you would share your why with me.

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