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Planning a wedding can be hard, I get it. You've got a million questions and don't know where to start! Let me help with the most common questions I get asked from couples deciding on a marriage celebrant, that way when we catch up we can just chat about the fun stuff.

Do you love being a celebrant?


I get asked all the time why I chose to become a celebrant and if I love it. My answer is always HELL YES! I absolutely adore being a celebrant.

What will it cost me to get married?

Weddings can be expensive I know, and the budget you started with is probably blowing out before your eyes. You can totally  choose a celebrant who will get you legally married for probably considerably less than what I charge, but I truly value the ceremony and the experience I provide for my couples, which is why I feel confident charging that little bit extra. Get in touch with me for a customised quote. 

Can we negotiate on price?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no I will not negotiate on my price. I put my heart and soul into my couples and their weddings, I get to know them, I work really hard to create and deliver a ceremony truly personalised to them. And on the day, I'm also there to help Nanna to her seat, congratulate Dad and make sure Mum is having a champagne. It's these little things that make your ceremony feel personal and also run smoothly.

Do you have a PA and microphone?


We've all been to a wedding where the sound quality was so bad that no one could hear a thing *shudder* I've invested in a BOSE S1 Pro PA System - it's the bomb diggity - no one will be missing the vows at one of my ceremonies. We can also play the ceremony music through the system if you need. 

Do you help writing vows and choosing readings?

As part of the planning process I will find out if you want to write your own vows, or maybe you want to adapt some pre-written vows - either way, I've got you covered. 

What time do you arrive for weddings?


I commit to being at your wedding location for 2 hours, that's 1 hour before the ceremony is due to start to set up, say hello to your guests and make sure everyone is comfortable with their roles. Then we generally allow 30 minutes for the ceremony, then a final half hour to snap a photo with you, toast you with some champagne, pack up my gear and leave you to celebrate the night away.

Do you travel?

I am based in the beautiful Hawkesbury area and perform a lot of weddings in the surrounding Blue Mountains. As someone who loved her 20's living in the city, any excuse to go back to Sydney is high on my list, and if you're getting married up or down the coast, just hit me up for a quote. 

Do you share the full transcript of the ceremony before the day?

This one is a controversial one! There are two camps of celebrants (those that share and those that don't). I'm a bit of a fence sitter. I normally suggest not sharing, as I prefer to get your authentic reactions on the day (and make sure your photographer is ready to capture them!) BUT if you're a nervous nelly and would feel more comfortable knowing what I'm going to say then of course I'm happy to share. 

Is a rehearsal included?

I don't normally suggest rehearsals, as to be honest - it's not a performance. I will be there on the day to show everyone where to stand, and chat to any speakers to put them at ease. I do catch up with you in the week leading up to the wedding to just run through all the details again and make sure everything is on track. 

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