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Top 3 things you SHOULD care about on your wedding day. Besides Covid. Obvs.

Planning a wedding in 2020 is HECTIC, and bloody stressful!! But I'm here to break down your worries into THREE things. Three things you should care about. My experience comes from over a decade as an event manager, over 12 months as a marriage celebrant and you, know - a bride who has 'been there, done that' ;-)

Before the big C came and threw weddings as we knew them into absolute fuckery - there was one thing couples worried about in the lead up to their wedding - rain. That was the number 1, monumental concern - what if it rains on our wedding day?! Oh, what so many people would give to go back to these days? Amiright?!

This is my gorgeous sister marrying her husband, a little bit of rain didn't dampen their day!

I think it's fair to say that couples no longer care if it rains on their wedding day (**please, always, ALWAYS have a wet weather option) So what are the three things you SHOULD worry about on your wedding on!

(*note - these thoughts are based on the assumption you have done the sensible thing and hired vendors who suit your vibe, are professional and who you trust will turn up and absolutely nail your wedding day - if you have, then you shouldn't worry about anything else!)

  1. Take time together. Just you two. You won't get much of it, and the day will pass by in such a flash, so PLEASE take the time, even just a few minutes to be in each others presence. Kiss, laugh, snuggle, do the things that create an intimate space for just you.

  2. Have someone designated on the day to deal with shit. Shit happens, it always does. There's no avoiding it. But you don't want to have to deal with it - you've done the hard work in the lead up to the day,now all you need to do is turn up and marry your lover. Get your bestie, sister, mum, whoever to answer your calls and give their number to your vendors. Let them be hassled for directions, timing questions, and every other annoying thing that may potentially ruin your mood.

  3. EAT!! You will be on such a high of excitement and adrenaline that you won't feel like eating. But please, when your wedding squad try to shove sandwiches and H2O in your gob, LET THEM!! By the time you finish the ceremony, photos, entry, congratulations - you will be starved (and possibly verrrrrry tipsy from champagne!)*

*may or may not be speaking from experience

Tell me what things you worried about or are worrying about on your wedding day?!

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